Balance...What's that?

Something I’ve always struggled with in life (which I suspect most people struggle with) is balance. I am an all or nothing kind of a girl and while sometimes that quality comes in handy it really isn’t conducive to a balanced lifestyle. Work hard play hard just doesn’t seem to work for me. I often find myself bouncing between extremes- working out hard, eating healthy, sleeping- doing all the right things. But as soon as one little thing throws it off, it’s like pulling a string on sweater- the whole thing unravels. It takes me SO long to bounce back! Last week I was on an amazing vacation filled with dinners and drinks, late nights and being lazy on the beach all day. One would think after slothing it up for a week I would be ready to get back to being healthy- which in my mind I AM! But for some reason I can’t get my a** in gear. When you think about it actually makes sense. I went from one extreme of being in a super healthy routine to the opposite extreme of being super unhealthy, little sleep, with no routine. How could I expect to come home and pick it all back up again right where I left off? Instead of beating myself up over it and continuing with the debauchery, I’m taking baby steps.  Where I would normally do two spin classes in a week I only did one. Where I would normally go for a run, I went for a walk instead. After a week of easing back in, I don’t feel 100% but I’m getting there! Each small step leads to the next and it can on ly go up from there. What’s your best way to keep balance? I need all the tips I can get so let me know what works for you!