cleaning out the closet

so many of you have asked me why I love cleaning and organizing closets. to me- a messy/disorganized closet is an obstacle to confidence. I find closet cleansing to be cathartic. that said-if there is one thing I know fo’ sho’- getting rid of stuff is no easy task.  whether you are a Marie Kondo loving, self-proclaimed “Monica” from Friends like myself- or a complete clothing hoarder- closet cleansing comes with all the feels.  why is that? for some reason, we attribute meaning to objects- ESPECIALLY clothes.  whether it’s an LV an ex boyf gave you for Christmas, or a dress that used to fit but when it did – we felt like Lady Gaga at the Ocsars.  sometimes, we have guilty feelings over those $800 louboutins you bought and can’t walk in? yeah been there. what I try to always remember, and remind my clients when we are going through clothes (and shoes…and bags) is that these items have no meaning whatsoever.  the purpose of closet cleansing is to curate a wardrobe and organization structure that works for you. its to create a streamlined closet filled with pieces that make you look and more importantly feel like a 10. so every morning when you are getting ready for work- you can focus on that big project or that important meeting because your closet is going to tell you what to wear. I mean not literally but that would be pretty amazing. the point is- sometimes you need to get rid of the bad clothes, the old feelings and hang-ups that are holding you back from looking and feeling the best that you can. stay with me on this…we are only getting started. xo