What’s a budget?

if you’ve been following my insta-stories, you are well versed in my three hundred dollar weekly budget challenge. I know $300 seems like a lot of money. BUT when you are a single girl, living in the city- those dollars go FAST! I realized THIS during my first week when I went out Monday- Wednesday and my $300 was already $0. :(

many of you have asked me how and why I came up with the #3hundochallenge. I cannot take credit for the idea. last spring I visited with a financial planner who is also close friend. he took one look at what I had going on and was like girl you gotta get your sh*t together! we went through all by bills and “reasonable” expenses and backed those out from my monthly financial intake. then we looked at what was left over and what I felt comfortable with for a weekly spend on “extras” and decided on $300 per week cash money. EEKS! obviously I did not listen to him AT ALL and on I went. like most other fashionistas, my main down fall is shopping and my second is going out to dinner. so when the new year came I decided, I really need to give this a try.

so each Sunday, I drag my butt to an ATM and take out 300 united states dollars for shall we call it entertainment money for the week. this past week for example- by friday, I purposely only spent $13 out of $300 so I could bank the money for the weekend. And even though I went out Thursday-Friday and Saturday- I was able to stick to the budget! when I started this challenge I was like what’s a budget?! but I’m finding it fun to compete with myself to stick to the plan! if you find yourself needlessly overspending, give it a try. #3hundochallenge

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images by  @sarah.ober

images by @sarah.ober