overcoming the packing fail

I am literally the WORST packer ever in life. I know all the rules. pack in one color scheme so everything matches, bring one-two pairs of shoes, roll up the clothes to maximize space and use the toiletries at the hotel. #asIF (like no). I NEVER do this. a few days ahead of time, I pull together outfits, lay stuff out with the purpose of being organized. trust me when I tell you- this does not work. half the time I end up grabbing more and more stuff, making my packing endeavor even more stressful. next thing you know, 75% of my closet is in my living room. on top of it, once I decide what actually makes it into the suitcase, I definitely grab a few random things last minute that make zero sense with the rest of what I packed. womp womp.

I used to think that I followed this foolish plan because I really hate flying. that my anxiety over getting on a plane materialized as freaking out about packing. but I think what it really comes down to, is--when you travel somewhere new- many times, we really don’t know what to expect. fear of the unknown. where will I go? what will we do? what will the hotel be like?

 so.many.new.things! can we say brain overload?? having a bunch of extra stuff with you is like bringing the comforts of home to somewhere new- like a security blanket. but the point of a vacation is to LET GO. Im finally taking a much needed vacation and this time - I’m taking a different packing route. I made a list of all the days I’ll be away and what will I need for each day. then I picked out items that fit the list. for example, my first day away, I need beach wear, then something for beach to bar, and lastly something nicer(ish) for dinner. I worked on it tonight and so far so good! don’t think I am bananas but from making my list, I realized that I don’t need the three pairs of jeans, two pairs of heels, 3 dresses, and God only knows what else is currently strewn about my apartment. instead I tried on every outfit to be confident about my choices. then from there-narrowed it down to what need according to my list.


#postnote a few of you have asked what I meant by this list. I legit mean listing out the days and the events.  this is (kinda) what my list looked like. I know it seems lamo but it legit worked to keep me on track  :-)


friday -bikini, cover up, work out outfit, casual dinner, pjs 


saturday:  bikini, beach to bar/casual, nice dinner for night, pj's


sunday: bikini, day, nice dinner for night, pj's


monday: casual for day (pub crawl), casual for night dinner, pjs


tuesday: travel home outfit


try it on your next vacay and let me know how it goes!